Swallow Your Pride

Finding A Reputable Locksmith

When I went to graduate school I drove nearly two hours twice a week to get to school. It was long, tedious, and exhausting making the trek through Los Angeles traffic from Temecula. Hours that I spent listening to audio books and contemplating how self-driving cars would be a great idea for when you’re caught in a roadblock, running on only a handful of hours spent asleep. The best, however, were those nights that I spent driving through rain—sure they were few and far between, but those nights meant increased traffic, which meant more time, spent driving.

One night in particular, was especially memorable. It was a night just like many others, one that would land me in class for six hours straight before I had to drive home at ten o’clock at night. However, unlike the majority of my nights spent driving to and from school, on this night, I would be driving home through a rare southern California downpour. As I made my way out to my car, grumpy, tired, and hopped up on green tea, I pulled out my keys only to realize that what-would-ya-know the key was missing. Cue the montage of me panicking whilst standing outside of the parking garage in the pouring rain at night, when I ran back to my class, scanning the wet sidewalk as I did so. Flash forward to my panic when I saw the key lying on the floor of my locked car, wherein I promptly called my husband to help me find a locksmith in the area who could navigate the campus, while I waited in the forty degree cold for them to figure out where I was. Finally, imagine me sitting beside my car as the locksmith finally found me at eleven-thirty, cold and tired before my car as they worked to keys-2-1475631get it open for me so that I could begin the two hour trek back home.

But of course fate was not to have me out done as I looked on my key ring afterward, realizing that while the key was missing the electronic beeper to lock and unlock my door never had been.


They saved my life that night—er, well they saved my sanity at least.

My night of horrors ended with me clambering into bed, sopping wet, embarrassed at the turn of events. My own pride took over then and I promised that I’d never tell a soul about my mistake (a promise I’ve since broken), as I drifted off to sleep. Outside of my embarrassment, however, was a sense of joy at meeting such a nice father-son-duo who helped me in my time of need. Getting locked out is stressful enough without the added frustration of choosing a locksmith who you trust.

What To Look For In A Locksmith

Certified & Licensed

Make sure you find a locksmith who is certified and licensed. No matter who you choose, a locksmith is a stranger to you, meaning you will be giving them access to your car, your house, and in my case an empty parking garage at eleven o’clock at night. Hiring someone who is certified and licensed means that they’ve passed the necessary background check to work in their field, bringing you a sense of peace as you let them in your home.

sale-tag-1205009Their Prices

While you should always find a locksmith that suits your bank account, you should be wary of companies charging upwards of $150 for a lockout. This is usually a signifier of someone who is out to make a quick buck and take advantage of those who are in a less than ideal situation. Instead, take a look around. Chances are there’s at least one other well-reviewed, certified and licensed locksmith in your area.

Ask Questionsquestion-mark-1236555

Though you might feel uncomfortable doing so, you should never feel uneasy asking questions when it comes to the safety of yourself and your belongings. Find out what the cost is before they make the drive out. Ask what associations (if any) that they belong to. Make it known that you have done and are doing your research so that they understand that you know exactly what you should be looking for in a trustworthy locksmith.

Pay Attention

When your locksmith pulls up to your phone, take note of their car. Does it have the company’s logo on it? What about the number? Be wary of locksmiths who come to your aid without an authorized looking vehicle. Also, be careful to notice whether or not the locksmith you’ve called on verifies your ownership of the vehicle by viewing your license. A reputable locksmith will not open the door without holding onto your ID in the mean time, before you’re able to provide proof that the car belongs to you. This keeps everyone safe in the event of a break-in or robbery.

Don’t make your day or night extra stressful by panicking over your locksmith choices. Ever since I managed to lock myself out I’ve realized the benefit of having a Temecula locksmith on hand at all hours of the day. Don’t find yourself stuck in the rain, instead look for your locksmith ahead of time, you never know when you’ll need them to save you from your self.